Responses to Frequently Asked Questions on Vehicle Licensing

What are your office hours?

Normal hours are 9 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM-1 PM on Saturday

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check from the registered owner, most credit cards and debit cards- “fees apply for all card payments”

Do I need an emission test?

Washington no longer requires an emissions test

Where do I get my driver’s license?

You need to visit a Driver’s license office. you can visit the website -www.dol.wa.gov and under the Driver’s License tab find an office nearest to you.

Do I need my driver’s license before registering my vehicle?

You must have an unexpired Washington Driver’s License in order to register your vehicle for the first time.

Can someone else renew my registration for me?

Yes, if one of the following apply

  • ID with either the same last name as the registered owner
  • Same address as the register owner
  • A written Statement from the registered owner authorizing the person to pick up or pay for the tabs. The note must have the person’s authorized, the plate or VIN # of the vehicle and the name and signature of the registered owner.

Does WA offer a permit for vehicles that don’t have current registration?

Yes, you can purchase 3-day permit, which allows you to use a vehicle in Washington State for 3 consecutive days

If I need a form, where can I get it ?

Here is a link for any forms you may need that Department of Licensing has available by name/title

Forms by title link