Tab Renewal

Renew Your Tabs Online and Skip the Line!

Let’s Renew Our Tabs Online!

Our office zip code is 98118 and we serve the Greater Seattle Area, including Mercer Island!
Need your tabs immediately… We have express line pickup located at window 5 (NO WAITING)
No time for stopping… Let us mail them to you!
Tabs are mailed within the next business day.

Rainier Vehicle & Vessel Licensing. LLC

Here is what you will need:

  • Your current address (if you moved since last registering your vehicle. You may change your address online.)

  • Your license plate number

  • Your driver’s license or photo ID

  • Credit or debit card or your checking/savings account information

  • An email address and/or printer

  • Your tabs expired less than 12 months ago; and

  • Your vehicle does not require a DOT number. (You are required to obtain a DOT number and display it on the vehicle if you operate a commercial vehicle within Washington State); and

  • You do not have any outstanding parking or Good To Go! tickets.

to start your renewal process!